The maze

You are in a room of a larger building.
There are a couple of people in the room, and the room has several doors.
You want to go swimming, but there is no swimming pool in that room.
Hence, you open one of the doors and enter a second room.
This second room has a swimming pool, but the pool is crowded.
In addition to the pool, this second room has several doors as well.
You open one of them to go to a third room.
The third room has a pool as well, but it is too small to swim in it.
You come to the conclusion, that maybe it is not the time to swim right now.
In this third room, you meet a Lady.
The Lady tells you to pay close attention to the doors.
Only now you note that all the doors are covered with many different hints and messages.
You realize that one door in the room has an Epiphany door chalking on it.
You open the door with the chalking, and go to the next room.
There, again one door has a chalking, so you pick that door.
You pass several rooms, picking the chalked door in each room.
Ultimately, by following the chalked doors, you are able to leave the building.
You look around - you are on a street in a big city with many buildings.
It is a clear night and you can see the stars in the sky.



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